What is Aphantasia?

Aphantasia is the inability to form mental images, whereas hyperphantasia is the ability to create vibrant mental images. We go beyond that and train multi-sensory hyperphantasia, creating vivid visualisations involving multiple senses at will. This in turn benefits many other mental abilities.

  • Imagination is the most powerful mental ability that we can train and essential to the development of many others. Yet, it is the least sought after in traditional education and society.

  • By learning to engage multiple senses simultaneously, you rewire your brain and develop uncanny creativity, problem solving, memorisation, knowledge processing and much more.

  • Through repeated training of the sensory communication within your brain, you instil permanent changes and acquire supra-normal functioning in nearly every mental process.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world." – Albert Einstein 

“My method is different. I do not rush into actual work. When I get a new idea, I start at once building it up in my imagination, and make improvements and operate the device in my mind.” – Nikola Tesla 

We Train 3 Abilities to Extraordinary Levels

  • Multi-Sensory Visualisation

    The cornerstone of our training is to acquire the capacity for multi-sensory visualisation. This isn't limited to visuosensory development. You will be able to experience entire worlds in your mind with all of your senses.

  • Limitless Creativity

    Creativity is forming novel associations between existing points of knowledge and is directly limited by your imagery ability. We train your imagination and stretch it even beyond the limitations you thought you had.

  • Enhanced Problem Solving

    Increases in IQ have been proven to correlate with increases in working memory. Our training directly improves working memory and your ability to find novel solutions without necessitating hours on apps like N-Back.

Change Your Personal & Professional Life

  • Enhance Problem Solving Skills & Grow Your Business

    You’ll excel at whatever you place your attention on. Boost your critical thinking, quickly learn new skills, develop products and services, present to clients, and grow your team.

  • Prepare for Exams Effortlessly & Ace Them Every Time

    With the ability to focus intensely, understand concepts at a deeper level, and to memorise anything instantly – studying for exams will become highly effective.

  • Speak Confidently in Meetings & on Stage

    Even before going up to speak, you'll have delivered your presentation countless times with flawless effect, expressing yourself in an organic and confident way.

  • Gain Knowledge & New Skills Fast to Boost Your Career

    Your productivity will drastically increase, you’ll perform tasks efficiently, acquire new skills, set and achieve higher goals, and become an expert in any field you choose.

  • Learn New Foreign Languages Fast & with Ease

    Learning a second, third or even fourth language is considered to be one of the most significant skills one can learn. You’ll find that learning new languages becomes fun, fast and easy.

  • Improve Your Focus, Reduce Stress & Increase Confidence

    You'll be able to visualise every scenario in your head before it happens. The certainty created for your subconscious mind will reduce anxiety and create unshakeable self-belief.

Immersive Training to Rewire Your Brain

  • Tailored 1-on-1 Coaching

    We provide tailored 1-on-1 coaching. Everyone's journey is a little different, we work with you to ensure your success.

  • Exclusive Group Discussions

    Exclusive access to open group discussions. We foster learning and community with other students on the same journey.

  • Go at Your Own Pace

    Most students complete the programme in 8 weeks, but you can go at your own pace, finish quicker or take your time with it.

What Our Students Are Saying


Llyr Williams


All my peers at uni could picture things in their mind and set themselves up for that perfect frame. I never thought I'd be able to see anything but just 1 month of doing the exercises and I could see vibrant colours and easily reposition things in my mind!

Alex O'Neill


As a trader you need to play out scenarios in your mind, be able to think very quickly, and have a very, very good memory. This has been the single greatest investment for my career I have ever made.
Legal Advisor

Claire Tomlinson

Legal Advisor

The training has provided a significant improvement in my ability to absorb, analyse and remember large amounts of information and consequently an improvement in the service I provide to my clients.
Business Analyst

Andrew Rotaru

Business Analyst

My life has completely changed since developing my visualisation, but it took a lot of hard work. It's not something you could explain to someone who hasn't done it themselves.

Brandon Jankowsi


The techniques and training is difficult, but what you get out of it is more valuable than any degree or education. Just stick with it.


  • What is aphantasia?

    Aphantasia is the inability to create mental imagery. Some describe this as not seeing with your mind's eye, or more simply, an absence of the mind's visualisation faculty.

  • Is aphantasia limited to visual imagery?

    No, we've found most people who possess visual aphantasia to also have an inability to experience other senses as well. For example, many would be completely unable to play back a song in their mind, or unable to experience the smell of their favourite food. It's quite common that the condition spans multiple senses.

  • Isn't aphantasia permanent?

    Current literature suggests that aphantasia is a chronic condition, however, there have been no studies to conclude that training does not offer improvements. Based on our own anecdotal evidence, aphantasia is most definitely not a permanent condition. It just requires structured, diligent training.

  • What's your experience treating people with aphantasia?

    One on one coaching and consultation with people who were completely unable to form any sort of mental image or recreate any external sense.

  • What is hyperphantasia? UltraPhantasia?

    Hyperphantasia is on the opposite spectrum of aphantasia. At the very extreme end, a hyperphantasic will be constantly bombarded with imagery. It's like overactive daydreaming and although it may sound like a nice thing to have, those with real, extreme hyperphantasia do suffer on a daily basis. UltraPhantasia is a term we have coined to indicate multi-sensory hyperphantasia that is controlled and accessible when intended.

  • What does the training programme consist of?

    The programme is immersive and consists of individual exercises and training, theoretical material, 1-on-1 sessions and open discussion. The goal of the training is to ensure that each student not only learns the abilities but is actually able to successfully apply them to achieve their goals.

  • Am I guaranteed to achieve these results?

    Yes. At the end of the programme if you've put in the work and were successful in your first week you will be able to visualise vividly and engage all of your senses in your visualisations. Additional improvements in your mental abilities come as a byproduct of the exercises once the foundational ability of multi-sensory visualisation has been acquired.

  • How difficult is the programme?

    It will vary for each individual. It's not unlike going to the gym, some students will already be more mentally fit or possess some visualisation skill already and so will not find it too difficult. Others will have to invest a lot more time in the beginning. Either way, the more you push yourself in your training, the more you will get out of it.

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